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FLO’ is a way of life, a thread that weaves together quality, ethical choices and sustainability.

FLO’ is about feeling comfortable in your own skin and clothes; it’s the natural flow of your own personality and your individual style. Wool, cotton and linen, made of 100% natural yarns, sourced, spun and dyed in Italy, with exclusively natural ingredients. Minimalist design, clean cuts, loose yet harmonic shapes and distinctive color shades make FLO’ garments unique. Our timeless pieces and their hidden details will soon become the “must have” of your everyday life.



Our pieces are designed to showcase the positive energy of the natural world
and promote a sustainable and fair manufacturing process.

From the sourcing of our yarns, to the attention we put in every single detail of the production process our focus is on nurturing. Nurturing the planet, the people who make our garments and the people who wear them.

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Our natural dyes


An infectious smile, a deep love for the natural world, friends who share your passion for life: this is what FLO’ is about and what is bound to make you a real “FLO’ addicted”.
We want to put sustainability at the core of our everyday choices, from the very first steps of the creative process to the moment our garments become part of your life. The invisible thread that weaves together the designers, the makers, the sellers and the customers who buy our pieces is the seamless continuous flow that gives life to FLO’.

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